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Course options for specific skill acquisition

Learning as play rather than work is a part of the "secret sauce" in our courses. Gamified learning coupled with specific learning objectives and an interactive reward system create a motivating and enjoyable learning experience for our standard courses. For coaching programs, you can enjoy similar user experiences custom-tailored by your coach to supplement the work you do together. 

 Skills-focused courses | Evidence-based coaching | Self-paced formats | Transparent pricing structures

Jonathan is a lifelong student and infinitely curious about the world around him and beyond. He has earned a BA in English, an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing, and a PhD (ABD) in Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design. He has taught as a university professor, at local jails, in homeschool co-ops, and to his own four children at home. He is a published author and researcher, and he has diverse industry experience in fields ranging from healthcare and process improvement to emergency response and intelligence analysis. His languages include Spanish, French, Arabic (Levantine), and Latin.


For Auxesis courses, you'll need: